Research centres – AUSTRIA

University of Innsbruck 

Institute of Ecology

Location: Innsbruck

Expertise on lake biogeochemistry and effects of different global changes on lake ecosystem and their organisms. Our group consists of experts in biogeochemistry, microbial and zooplankton ecology, paleolimnology, hydrology, and photobiology. This institute is one of the world leaders on optical and chemical characterization of alpine waters.

The institute runs an alpine research station located at 2413 m a.s.l. More information on the “Alpine Centers” page and

Institute for Limnology

Location: Mondsee

Extensive experience with lake fisheries, microbial ecology and genetics, in particular with toxic cyanobacteria as well long-term data collection of Lake Mondsee. The institute has a long data record, including expertise on retrieving environmental information from lake sediments. Fully equipped for public training and excellent access to local and international fisheries.

Wassercluster Lunz 

Location: Lunz am See

Contact Person: Martin Kainz, Serena Rasconi


Description of Facility: Inter-University research center to pursue basic and applied research on aquatic ecosystems around Lake Lunz and various other sites.

Research Topics: Experimental ecology, floodplains management, plankton biodiversity and aquatic food chains.

Equipment: Facilities for experimental work, lake and rivers sampling monitoring, biochemical lab analysis