Research centres – SWITZERLAND

Laboratory of applied microbiology, LAM

Location: Bellinzona

Contact Person: Prof. Mauro Tonolla

Description of Facility: We carry out research and offer services and training in the areas of biosafety, vector borne pathogens, microbial ecology, identification and typing of microorganisms of different origins, using methods of the classical microbiology, molecular biology and proteomics. Our peculiar strength isupsi-lams a concomitant competence in both human microbial pathogens and microbial ecology, especially of water environments.


SUPSI-DACD, Institute of Earth Sciences 

Location: Canobbio

Contact Person: Dr. Andreas Bruderlago-lugano-figure

Description of Facility: the institute has been running a long-term monitoring program on Lago Lugano to investigate the responses of the lake ecosystem to re-oligotrophication and other environmental changes (e.g. climate change). Lago Lugano is a particularly interesting system because it consists of two distinct basins with very different physical and chemical conditions. The program has been running with consistent methodology since the early 80’s and includes monitoring of physicochemical and biological parameters at biweekly or monthly intervals. The institute thus has expertise and equipment of classical limnology.

More recently, the institute has been setting up a second monitoring site at a small alpine lake, pano-lago-neroLago Nero, at an altitude of about 2400m on the southern slopes of the Swiss Alps. The goal of the monitoring program is to understand the consequences of environmental change (e.g. atmospheric deposition of pollutants, climate change, etc.) at the ecosystem scale with parameters assessing both aquatic and terrestrial processes and biota.

Additional activities of the institute address the consequences of environmental change and anthropogenic impacts on stream ecosystems and monitoring networks of hydrology of surface waters and groundwater in the region. Other sectors of the institute run applied projects in the fields of geology, geomorphology, remote sensing, and geomatics.