Research centres – ITALY

ISE – Pallanza

Location: Verbania Pallanza

ISE is an hystorical lake station that has extensive knowledge on how Lago Maggiore and other Italian lakes in the Alps changed over time. This lake station investigates microbes in lake water and transfer of potential contaminants to fish. The institute is well connected with the Commissione internazionale per la protezione delle acque italo-svizzere (CIPAIS), Gran Paradiso National Park and Val Grande National Park.

IASMA Research and Innovation Centre – Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM)

Location: S. Michele all’Adige

FEM carries out research, education and training activities, and provides technical assistance and extensions services to companies. These activities aim at promoting cultural and socio-economic growth in the agricultural sector and at developing the forestry and agri-food systems, with particular regard for the environment and the safeguard of the territory of the Trentino region. Since 2008 FEM has continued to pursue the objectives and activities of the former Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige, founded in 1874.