Andreas Bruder


Freshwater ecologist with a background in freshwater ecosystem functioning in general and the role of environmental change and anthropogenic impacts on stream ecosystems in particular. Currently, he is working at the Institute of Earth Sciences of SUPSI in Switzerland for the monitoring programs at Lago Lugano and Lago Nero.


Isabelle Domaizon

She works as research director at the French National Institute for Agricultural isabelle_dResearch (INRA) in Thonon les Bains. Her research topics investigate the diversity and trophic interactions of planktonic microbial communities using molecular and paleolimnological approaches including PCR, NGS and FISH.


Stephan Jacquet

He works as a research director at the French Nations-jacquetal Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Thonon les Bains. His research topics investigate the diversity and biotic interactions of planktonic viral and microbial (i.e. archaea, bacteria and phytoplankton) communities using in situ survey, laboratory experimental approaches, flow cytometry and molecular tools such as PCR-DGGE, Sanger or NG sequencing.


Martin Kainz

He is a specialist in aquatic food webs and lipid biochemistryMartin. He is currently leading the LIPTOX group at the WasserCluster Lunz, conducting research on ecotoxicology and dietary nutrient processes using field survey and laboratory experiment.


Georg H. Niedrist

PhD candidate at the University of Innsbruck, River and Conservation Research Group – Leopold Füreder.niedrist_georg His current research concentrates on alpine streams and benthic invertebrate species, their trophic relationships and potential alterations of feeding strategies due to environmental change.


Serena Rasconi

Doctor in aquatic microbial ecology, she currmicrosc-fullently works at the WasserCluster Lunz were she conducted experimental research investigating on the impact of global change on plankton communities structure and functioning.


Herwig Stibor

Professor in Aquatic Ecology at the LMU Munchen, he also works at th-stiborhe Seeon Station.



Maria Stockenreiter

Assitant Professor for Aquatic Ecology at the LMU Munchen and at the m-stockenreiterSeeon Station, her research interest include plankton ecology, foodweb interactions and ecological applications by connecting basic research and applied approaches.



Ruben Sommaruga

He is Director and full Professor of Limnology at the Institute of Ecology and head of the Research Group Lake and Glacier Ecology (
h tml.en). He has expertise in plankton and microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, photoecology, and global change. He is conducting research in different types of aquatic ecosystems mostly in high altitude lakes of the Alps, Himalya, Andes, and Africa.



Mauro Tonolla

He is responsible of Laboratory of applied microbiology (LAM) at the University of applied sciences of Southern Switzerland – SUPSI prof-tonolla
and teacher in Microbial Ecology at the UNIGE.
He is also responsible for the Alpine Biology Center, Piora



Monica Tolotti

She is a researcher of the Hydrobiology Research Group of the Edmund Mach MonicaFoundation (FEM) in San Michele all’Adige, Italy. She has expertise in planktonic and benthonic algal biodiversity of lakes and running waters, paleolimnological reconstructions, water chemistry, global change. Currently she is working on evolution of subalpine lakes at secular scale, and on the effects of Alpine deglaciation on headwater biodiversity.


Katharina Winter

KathiShe conducted her studies at the University of Vienna were she graduated with a thesis on Molecularbiology. Currently she works as lab manager in the ecotoxicology group at the WasserCluster Lunz and she is particularly a specialist in chemical and lipids analysis.