Gossenköllesee-lakeLocation: High-mountain Research Station Gossenköllesee (Kühtai, Tyrol), 2413 m above sea level (ca.1 h from Innsbruck) – Austria

Contact Person: Prof. Ruben Sommaruga; Dr. Birgit Sattler


Description of Facility: LTER-site with facilities for


experimentalwork(electricity pre
sent), in-situ incubation platform, buoy with different sensors

Research Topics: Plankton ecology, microbial food webs, paleolimnology, and UV photobiology

Equipment: Basic field and lab equipment; otherwise it can be transported (mountain road close by), temperature-controlled incubators, multiprobes/profiling instruments



PIORA Alpine biology center

Location: 1921 m above sea level – Piora valley – Switzerland

Contact Person: Prof. Mauro Tonolla

Description of Facility: the Alpine Biology Center, Piora (CBA) provides the necessary materials for educational activities to take place in a practical and realistic setting in the fields of natural science and environment. The study site is Lake Cadagno, a crenogenic meromictic lake. The lower layer is rich in dissolved mineral salts (sulphate, magnesium, calcium, carbonate) originating from sublacustrine springs, whereas the separate upper layer is permanently oxygenated. The metalimnion is characterised by the growth of a typical population of anaerobic phototrophic bacteria
acting as biological filter and inhibiting that hydrogen sulphide and other reduced compounds as well as nutrients such as phosphate leading to eutrophication enter the upper layer. Lake Cadagno provides the possibility to study in a small stable system the metabolism of the microbes involved in fundamental process.

The Center is available for hosting a block course for students from institutes participating in LimnoAlp in the period from June to September. More news will follow.